New in !! [#1] (From England babies)

Bonjour à tous !! J'avais vraiment hâte de vous montrer toutes les petites choses que j'ai acheté en Angleterre, et bien ce jour c'est aujourd'hui !! Durant mes deux premiers voyages je n'ai pas eu le temps de faire un Primark ... Cette fois ci j'ai réussi ! Dés le temps libre annoncé dans Oxford Street (PARADIS) j'ai foncé vers mon magasin et j'y ai presque dépensé tout mon argent ... J'ai même du enlevé du sac un joli tee shirt "baseball", une autre fois ! Enfin voilà, n'hésitez pas à laisser vos impressions. Je vous laisse et j'ai hâte de porter toutes ces merveilles ! ♥

Hi everybody !! I could not wait to show you what I bought in England, so this day is today !! During my two first trips I didn't have enough time to go to Primark ... This time I could ! When we were told to have a "shopping time" in Oxford Street (PARADISE) I ran into my store and I almost wasted all my money ... I had to remove a lovely "baseball" shirt from my bag, next time ! Anyway, let me know your impressions. I have to leave you now, and I cannot wait to wear all these wonders ! ♥

xx Inès

1. MOA nailpolishes at Superdrug £1 each/ 2. Nailart pen PRIMARK £2 each
1. Lips pen PRIMARK £1 each / 2. Fresh Face Mask LUSH 11,45 / 3. Lipstick & Eyeliner £1 each PRIMARK
Make-up case PRIMARK £2
GreenxBlack earrings H&M £3,95 (like here)/ other ones PRIMARK between £1,50 and £2,50
1. Panties PRIMARK £1,70 each / 2. Socks H&M £3 / 3. Socks PRIMARK £1,50
Bracelet £1,65 / Eagle necklace £3,75 / Bambi necklace £1,65 FOREVER21
Vest £5 / Pants £7,95 H&M / Magazines VOGUE & GLAMOUR
Short sleeves crop top shirts £2,50 each PRIMARK
Mickey crop top £6 PRIMARK
Jean & Pink backpack £9 each PRIMARK

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XxxLoveIsBeautyxxX a dit…

followed you :)

Kate a dit…

Amazing post ! Would you like to follow each other?

Evi a dit…

Great staff! Thank you for your comment in my blog! I'm following you back on GFC!

Evi xoxo

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Diana a dit…

Great blog, so I'm a New follower on GFC =)

Spionaggio Fashion by Noesse a dit…

I love everything especially the accessories... What do you think of following each other? Let me know, I always follow back <3

Nerea isabel a dit…

I reeeeally miss London!
My favorite was the jean backpack <3
would you like to follow each other? :)
big kiss and happy weekend!


Rebeca Barbosa a dit…

The Mickey top is so cute <3


Nerea isabel a dit…

fooollowing you now :)

londonfrance a dit…

Hey! Love your blog! Just started following you. I'm having a giveaway on Instagram @londonfrance. Check out my blog for more details!


ChicStreetChoc Eriel a dit…

Super cute post i love it so much
Follow each other?

Milex a dit…


monicaharmony a dit…

i want the primark tops!

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look.love.wear a dit…

pretty eagle necklace-feel free to check out our blog :-)x

Milica i Marija Martinovic a dit…

I LOVE your blog...Great photos!Really enjoying:)FOLLOW YOU NOW! Please check mines If you want we can follow also with facebook?
Come back soon to visit my blog, I'll be waiting for you!!

Marta Purriños Hernández a dit…

I want all! =)

great post.


lanciacoriandoli a dit…

love the backpacks!

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Cassandra Dotzel a dit…

Thanks for the sweet comment!
I love those necklaces!
The nail polishes look so similar to essie,
but I have never heard of MOA brand- are they close?
I am liking your blog too!
Let me know if you would like to follow.


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